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  • Into 2018, Mobike, Meituan, DiDi and other new generation of Internet cross-border giant decisive layout of the siege, In the context of more and more cross-border investors into the background, Shared cars are expected to become the next battleground for capital cycling after sharing cycling. 2018 will be the key period for car rental development. The conference brings together industry experts and venture capitalists who will discuss a number of forward-looking topics such as time-shared leasing and shared travel to discuss the development direction of shared economy in the automotive field.

  • Beijing international bicycle electric vehicle exhibition has been held for three consecutive times, which is one of the most influential bicycle motor shows in China, with an expected space area of 40,000 sqm. Hundreds of well-known smart & sharing brands will showcase in 2018 BSC, such as Ofo, Mobike, ZXbike, Pand-auto, Global Car Sharing, BAOJIA.COM, XQchuxing, Qdigo, UMA, TSINOVA, YADEA, NIU, One Mile, Munromotor, Supersoco, Immotor, Ninebot, PHYLION, China-LBS. It is an industrial carnival for bicycle and electric vehicle, and becoming an event for smart sharing mobility.

  • The development of intelligent transportation is inseparable from the development of the Internet of things, and intelligent transportation is the embodiment of the transportation. The conference will bring you the display of high-tech transportation, such as smartly driving, wisdom road, intelligent parking, intelligent snatched, navigation and positioning system, traffic safety, traffic data, intelligent public transportation, car networking, traffic scheduling, electronic license plate.

  • It is estimated that in the next 10 years, the total size of China's military UAV market will grow rapidly. As a result, UAVs will have a whirlwind all over the world and are popular both north and south of the country. But to the present level, where will it go? And listen to industry experts to analyze its unlimited creative value.

  • Inviting the embassies and consulates in the United States, Europe and Asia and the buying enterprises in the corresponding countries to conduct "one-on-one" business talks with exhibitors to open up international market channels for exhibitors with export needs and help Chinese products to enter the international market. In order to expand the import and export channels Provide a platform.


Live coverage | 2017 Shanghai International car Sharing Conference pop up

On August 23, 2017, "2017 Shanghai International Car Sharing Conference" sponsored by Zhenwei Exhibition, Guangdong New Energy Automobile Industry Association, Guangdong Charging Facilities Association and New Energy Automobile Industry Network was held grandly in Hall E4 of Shanghai New International Expo Center . More>>

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